WEB Lonesome George & Co.

Branding and site re-design for clothing company that funds outdoor education locally in the Galapagos. Design elements of rustic outdoor experience of the location.View site

WEB Playing for Change Foundation

Full site architecture, interactive and visual re-design. Emphasizes the accomplishments and goals of building music schools in underprivileged areas, and easy avenues to contribute. The site far exceeded expected donation amounts. Design is bright and fun, allusions to texture of building materials.View site

WEB APP Disney Family

Original design and production of avatar creator within site. Very simple user experience that is inviting fun and playful, like the Disney brand.

AD / PRINT / WEB Breathe Project

Art direction and design of full campaign materials, site interaction and design. Specific to the Pittsburgh region, awareness and education of severity of the air quality. Design elements are a balance of a dark present but a hopeful future; light and dark, desaturated with hits of color.View site

WEB APP Athena Survey

Interactive and visual design for medical screening survey. Design is clean without appearing too clinical or complicated; appears professional to be credible, but personal to show care for the individual.

PRINT / WEB Tatzoo Project

Branding and interactive/visual design for endangered species protection meets tattoo community project. Tattoo art and animalistic design elements.View site

AD / WEB Mezzetta Foods

Advertising and web design for jarred and specialty foods. Recipe and use-case focused. Fresh, bright, appetizing and modern design.View site

WEB American Idol

Design of multiple subpage templates supporting the overall site direction. Features and community were the largest client needs, with an excess of media that is easy to discover and navigate to. As a progressing, live reality show, design needed to adapt to dynamic content and customization features.

WEB 100% Cork Campaign

Interactive and visual design supporting public pressure to use cork for environmental and cultural benefits. Natural, organic design elements relate to cork and cork trees; a feeling of action in bold photography and type. 2011 IAC Best Advocacy Integrated Campaign.View site

WEB Dish Network

Design of 'My Dish' templates supporting the overall site direction presented to client. Shows fun and ease of controlling your home programming from the site's portal. Brand elements are clean, light and friendly. The programs' content, which emotionally connects with the consumer, takes center stage.

WEB El Capitan Theatre

Original concept and design direction for pitch to client. Full width of top of site used to emphasize the single feature experience, with custom animation that mimics the video display above theatre itself. Brand elements of classic Hollywood, the ornate detail in the famous theatre, and the fun of Disney are shown in the background photography and the details of the titles and graphics.


Fall election participation campaign (comps). Campaign direction was youth targeted, self emphasized, and urgency focused. Bright, bold and declarative graphically.

WEB Talladega Superspeedway

Visual design for Nascar event venue. Design has rugged textures and dynamic photos, but with a sense of pageantry and history in the vintage look.

BRANDING Miscellaneous

Branding and identity work for a variety of clients and independent pursuits.
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Work Experience

Lead Graphic Designer, Interactive Art Director, Sept 2009 - Current

Visual designer, Mar 2008 - Feb 2009
Art Director: Ryan Frank, rfrank at hugeinc dot com

(Entrepreneurial spin off of DivX, Inc.)
Co-founder, web designer, UI designer, brand manager/architect
July 2007 - Jan 2008
CEO: Darrius Thompson, darriust at gmail dot com

Graphic designer, web designer, Oct 2006 - July 2007
Marketing Communications Manager: Jim Styn,
jstyn at divxcorp dot com

University of the Pacific
Junior graphic designer, Sept 2005 - May 2006
Senior Designer: Karri Johnson, kjohnson2 at pacific dot edu

Freelance graphic designer, Dec 2005 - Jan 2006
Graphic design intern, June 2005 - Aug 2005
Creative Director: Lila Wallrich, lila at wallrichlandi dot com


Brand/identity development and strategy
Conceptual design
Web design
User interface design
Marketing/Advertising design
Print design
Client interaction and presentation
Production for web
Production for print


Graduated 2006, Summa Cum Laude
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
University of the Pacific - 3601 Pacific Avenue Stockton, Ca 95211

Technical Skills

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom and InDesign - Very high level
Macintosh OS - High level
Microsoft Office - High level
Keynote - High level
CSS and HTML - Moderate level
Actionscript - Low to moderate level

Significant achievements

Interactive and visual design for 100% Cork Campaign, Winner IAC Best Advocacy Integrated Campaign, 2011

Aided in re-design and production of FXnetworks.com, which more than doubled its users and page views, and nearly tripled the time they spent on the site, 2008

Aided in re-design and production of the online presence of the number-one-rated show in the United States (American Idol), 2008

Main design resource for (Stage6.com) 15 mil. unique visitors/mo., Alexa top 100 ranked site, 2007

Founding member of media/web spin off company, 2007

2x recipient DivX Gold Star Award, 2006

Outstanding Senior in graphic design, 2006

Department of Visual Arts Award, 2006

Clients I've worked with

Amnesty International
Audubon Society
Cancer Prevention Institute of California
Catholic Healthcare West
Cellular South
Cisco WebEx
Dish Network
El Capitan Theatre
Electronic Arts
FOX Broadcasting Co.
FX Networks
The Heinz Endowments
Mezzetta Foods
NBC Universal
Playing for Change Foundation
Rock the Vote
Sony Playstation
Toyota Scion
United Nations
USA Network
WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

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I grew up in the small, rural town of Oakdale, California where my family raised cattle and horses. Living in the country, I had a lot of experience being creative to entertain myself and loved the outdoors and sports, partly due to the fact that we had no cable television or internet.

As a young person influenced by the "do what makes you happy" mantra, I went to study graphic design at the University of the Pacific. During my time in college, I had a variety of design jobs and internships ranging from a professional sports team to a Sacramento marketing firm. I further developed my passion for mediums such as drawing, painting, print-making and photography. I also discovered a love for art history and the impact of art as a window into the culture of the times.


I see design as a creative but calculated response to a problem. That problem is most often effectively communicating a message or experience. What determines a design to be powerful, relaxing, professional, healthy, etc. is a personal experience of associations with the sensual elements of life. In order to be the best designer, and hence the best communicator of the message, one must be constantly taking in and cataloguing their experiences. Having a narrow view on what constitutes 'good' design limits this experience. However, there is a line between design and decoration. A decoration cannot be described with a purpose, and therefore cannot communicate accurately.

I see design as a way to make change. The growth and influence of commercial art can and does make an impact beyond the realm of business. The same methods that we use to mark and market for recognition and perpetuating a message can be used to crusade for positive social and political change. And I think we are at a time when designers are integral in re-thinking not just marketing materials, but entire infrastructures, products, and processes. The world is in need of things like sustainable products and environments, and simply improving on old ways is not going to be the change we need. We need to change the way we think about them altogether, which is a designer's specialty.

Things I like

I love traveling, museums, music, camping, animals, making food, drinking wine, going to shows, playing basketball, finding discarded furniture, and visiting my family.

I like to listen to Band of Horses, The Album Leaf, Stars, Trail of Dead, Two Gallants, Built to Spill, Spoon, William Elliot Whitmore, Explosions in the Sky, Antony & the Johnsons, Kings of Leon, Embrace, Chris Mills, Neko Case, Mayday, Johnny Cash, Depeche Mode and Tool.

I like to watch Flight of the Conchords, Battlestar Galactica, 30 Rock, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrested Development, the Daily Show and Breaking Bad.